Marshall Choong Audio

Articles & Papers

  Wide Dispersion Loudspeakers   Model WD-1, further details and background information  
  A Multitone Speaker Intermodulation Testing Technique (pdf)   Details of a fundamental testing technique used by MC  
  Download 7 tone Intermodulation Test Signal    44.1k 16 bit version (wav file)  44.1k 16 bit version (zip)  
  Room Effects and Loudspeaker Responses (pdf)   Examples of room effect problems and suggestions from Marshall Choong  
  Room Bass Modes, Marshall Choong Sub Woofers and Room Mode Cancellation (pdf)   Marshall Choong SW-1 sub woofer system document  
  Copies of External Papers and Downloads    1. "Factors effecting the externalisation of sound sources". The potential effect of recorded phase differences on the reproduction of naturally recorded music.