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About Marshall Choong

Modern loudspeaker design concerns finding the best compromise of a complex mixture of technologies, limited ultimately by the physics of acoustics and finally assessed by the often little understood, but amazing, properties of our hearing.

We strive to justify by measurement, any and all decisions made during the design process. However many areas such as image quality, listener envelopment and other room related issues are still difficult to quantify and relate back to speaker design.

This has led to an interest in alternative multichannel record and playback methods, in particular the work of Michael Gerzon, Ambisonics,.

An examination of the detailed performance of drivers, in terms of complex intermodulation products, has enabled us to correlate the result with listening performance to a surprisingly high degree.

The performance of loudspeakers in typical room environments is also an area of special interest to us. All techniques to improve the difficulties of the reproduction of bass frequencies in rooms have been investigated. The final outcome is in agreement with the perceived wisdom of the audiophile community.

In systems of the highest quality, almost all 'solutions' to room modes fail, are not practicable, or are far too expensive. Loudspeakers are invariably in the wrong room position for the minimum excitation of room modes, and if they have extended bass, this leads to inaccurate and unacceptable bass level response and poor bass dynamics. next>>