Marshall Choong Audio


Model FS-1: Hi-Fi Pig October 2012

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"The Marshall Choong FS-1 loudspeakers are open, direct, neutral and transparent, with a sound so low in colouration, they possess a near-electrostatic quality."

"...seamlessly extended treble and spaciousness so striking that recording environment after recording environment was revealed in all its glory."

"...every time there was a deep bass note in tracks I knew well, these loudspeakers delivered, with that quality so rarely present in bass reproduction - detail."

"In listening terms, the noise floor just seems to be so low that voices and instruments alike rise from the mix earlier and decay back into silence later than via other transducers, leading to a sense of individuality on the part of each voice and each note."

"They allowed me to hear further into the mix of recording after recording and reveal the complexities and subtleties of musicians playing styles. They smashed my preconceptions and revealed my electrostatic references to be lagging behind in just about every department."

"At just 2000, these are laughably good value and make a mockery of conventional loudspeaker price vs performance expectations. Transparent, neutral, dynamic, phase coherent and wonderfully balanced from top to bottom, the Marshall Choong FS-1 are able to show a clean pair of heels to loudspeakers costing several times their purchase price and make a compelling case for low measured intermodulation distortion to be given far greater prominence in loudspeaker design."

"The Marshall Choong FS-1 floorstanders are amongst the best conventional box loudspeakers I have ever heard and would be excellent value at three times the price. They astonish with their insight and clarity - all the while making music sound like music."