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Classic Monitors

A range of closed box designs for the purist using exceptional drivers and constructed using constrained layer damping and our usual high quality plywood construction throughout. Link to further information below.

CM-1 and CM-2

CM-3 and CM-4

Classic Vented Loudspeakers

A range of vented loudspeaker designs giving a more cost effective extended low frequency response. Each model uses an advanced double flared port design, each indiviually hand moulded and finished. Link to further information below.



Wide Dispersion Loudspeakers

The model WD-1 is a high quality wall mount loudspeaker intended for multichannel applications and will cover a full 180 degrees without compromise.
It can also be used for normal stereo reproduction and renders an interesting natural room balance that can only be appreciated by an audition.

WD-1 specifications

WD-1 article