Marshall Choong Audio

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Classic Monitors

Closed box designs for the purist using exceptional drivers and constructed using Mk-2 constrained layer damping throughout and our usual high quality plywood construction throughout.

Classic Vented Loudspeakers

A range of vented loudspeaker designs giving a more cost effective extended low frequency response. The model SC3WV has Scanspeak Illuminator drivers and uses an exterior crossover for each channel to avoid compromising the cabinet design. A choice is available for a passive crossover or an active analogue crossover with triple Class A/B amplification.

Active Closed Box Loudspeakers

The model 26W-ADS is a state of the art full range loudspeaker with multichannel external analogue active crossover intended as a benchmark and technology demonstrator. The drivers are Scanspeak Illuminator mid range and tweeter with a long throw Scanspeak Revelator bass driver.
The bass driver response is first corrected to extend the bandwidth, and then a choice of gentle roll-off's can be selected to minimise bass group delay. The unusual cabinet shape is designed to reduce diffraction effects by presenting to the listener a larger cabinet width, with 45 degree edges.