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This phenomenon has been understood by loudspeaker manufacturers for decades but has been largely ignored in the commercial markets.

Where state of the art bass is required, our approach to this problem is twofold:
  1. The main speakers should not have a fully extended bass response.
     (The bass response of a typical 2 way closed box design is preferred)

  2. Bass should be extended by the use of multiple subwoofer products, specially designed for this application, together with simple and benign cancellation techniques. This technique has produced the most accurate bass that we have measured or heard.

Investigations into alternative natural recording and playback techniques (Ambiophonics and Ambisonics) reveal the possibility for fundamental improvements in the reproduction chain. With a few exceptions, we all attempt to reproduce high quality audio without actually recording any original sound location cues. The same unsatisfactory material may also be used to evaluate speaker performance.

The final outcome to this research is to make available speakers with unusually low phase shift or unusually low rate of change of phase through lower mid range crossover regions.

All our loudspeakers are hand-built with the utmost attention to quality. Their prices reflect this, providing solutions targeted towards affordable high-end audiophile systems. Read more about our research in the Articles & Papers section and contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our products.