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There have been a number of significant changes to the high end audio market over the last few years that have demanded a complete overhaul of our product range. However, our design ethos, has not changed. We will continue to concentrate on no frills designs with maximised performance. It is now clear to us that there is a quality heirachy of basic loudspeaker designs as follows:

Ported cabinets - closed box cabinets - dipole systems.

Ported designs are the most cost effective way to extend bass performance but at the expense of unnatural sounding bass as they are most likely to excite room modes. Closed box designs, our preferred choice, are more expensive if the bass response is to extend into the lowest octave, 20 - 40 Hz, but give far less interaction with the room. Finally, dipole systems gives the best bass quality and have no cabinets, but the system requires active crossovers, large and expensive bass drivers and multichannel amplification.

The advent of modern high resolution downloads of naturally recorded music has given us all access to technically perfect recordings as long as post production changes are kept to a minimum. This requires the use of some of the world's best drivers which is why we are now using the Scanspeak range and sometimes active multi amplifier systems. This has enabled us to design closed box systems with a large choice of bass drivers which are intended for use in vented systems and also implement crossover features which are impossible to design in passive systems.

We are a company that is committed to publishing measured information about our products. We invite you to explore the information and ideas in the Articles and Papers section which have led to some of the unique features in our products.